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Weekly \"Why Software Sucks\" rant

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1198887961

Following the Why Software Sucks idea, here are the ranks of the week:

  1. Apart from the non-standard rendering, looks like IE doesn’t support the data: protocol. That sucks a lot!

  2. Mac OS doesn’t support mounting FTP folders (only in read-only mode).

  3. Windows XP search for drivers online never worked for me. Need a discover and install drivers that really work.

  4. Linux still can’t hide all that geeky lines, even when upgrading software in Ubuntu. linux—;

  5. I still can’t do nothing in Vista. Things are too confused and on not properly spaced. SP1, you may come in.

  6. When giving a wireless network WPA security, Vista keep trying to connect without it and doesn’t learn it. And if you are not a geek, you won’t know how to change.

  7. Still can’t OS X around to maximize like Windows does. I am less distracted without the background or other Apps behind it.

Oh and a bit of programming stuff:

  1. ActiveSync sucks pretty big!

  2. AppleScript looks very readable.

  3. But Objective-C is so damn ugly! Even in Python!