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Back to the Future

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1197939479

I have just finished watching the Back to the Future Trilogy and I was really amazed for something they started even before I was born! It is just a classic that I won’t forgive anyone who doesn’t watch it!

One thing that made me thinking was the way they predicted the future in 2015. A lot of things we already have, or even better, but things like flying cars or the hoverboard, which I dreamed when I was a kid are still far from our crafts.

As for the screens, we already achieve it with projectors, and even better with the flexible plastic LCDs. As for the wicked phone-glasses, we have 3G phones and bluetooth ears, that I believe is better than that. We already have the hat with leds and fingerprint door locks! We almost have self-adapted shoes but self-cleaning jackets are still to come.

Is any current scifi movie up to those predictions? I guess not, but we’ll see. And I can’t wait to get back to 2015 to check if it was all true!