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Beta's sucks

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1177631371
You all know I am a great fan of OpenSource software. Almost all of my code is opensource (except from comercial ones). However I use Windows for a bunch of reasons: PHC is windows only (and has a LTP1 key verification) and it runs Macromedia Fireworks and Notepad++, the tools I work with. I am now testing Mac OS x86 (yeah, I know it's buggy and os X only rulles with mac hardware, that's why when apple decides to upgrade macbook I will get one).

Everyone I know uses Thunderbird as a email client, but I preffer Windows Live Mail Desktop (beta). Correction: preffered. yesterday the email database corrupted and I lost all my emails, and a important part of my work (and takeoff organization) there. I will just hangout until my web-based ajax client is done. It is part of my next big project. News soon.