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Is WiMax already coming?

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1197459163

For those who haven’t heard of WiMax yet, it’s a broadband internet access everywhere. Not that weak connection you have on you mobile phones or those express card/PCMCIA modems you have. While those only give you 14Mbps download and 6Mbps for upload (that are totally virtual. If you get to half of that, you’re very lucky!), WiMax allows you to have up to 70Mbps up and down when near the access point, but you have a real value of 10Mbps 10km away, which in my opinion is pretty good, but insufficient in 10 years. But we are in the right path.

There are already a few companies offering WiMax services, but in very small areas (remember WiMax is supposed to be global) and there are already a lot of ISPs owning licenses, but no great effort yet. Well, Sprint is ‘soft-launching’ a intel-based WiMax network in downtown Baltimore, Chicago and Washington DC. Still small areas, but being Sprint the third largest telco in the USA, I believe they have the power to really spread WiMax over the country. Europe and Asia will follow.

Back in the WSMU I heard this technology will only be spread by 2012, which I now disagree strongly. In one/two years, there will be express cards (or whatever will be used for the same purpose) and mobile phones/UMPCs will come already with WiMax support. So the revolution is happening quite soon.