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Web as a Game

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1197287773

Following my last post on Playful IAs, I found an interesting book on how social websites are games (or almost). Websites like Digg, Youtube and Facebook (the case studies) are built so they are not only useful, but also entertaining.

Some social networks work almost as a mmorpg where users have ranks, manage relationships, set trends, etc… And you can have the feeling of winning or losing too. Have this in mind the next time you use of this websites.

I recall Marco, in his Game Design presentation, saying that games must be addictive to be successful. Not addictive in a sickness order, but leaving a feeling in the player that he will want to play that game later on, or even buy the sequel. That’s exactly what web developers want for their sites. Visitors are wanted regular, that’s what generates statistics (for advertising purposes) and the community you need and target.

The book is available for free and it is a great learning tool to improve your website in order to be more fun. The author has also started a blog that I have already subscribed.