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Three Portuguese design references

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1197239309

Whenever I have some work that envolves design, I usually have to find some source of inspiration. I usually bookmark websites that have unusual or interesting design. Appart from blogs, I also follow the work from some companies. Three of them follow, and all from Portugal.



SenteDesign is a design & communication company based in Aveiro. They do photography, illustration, corporative image, video, advertising, webdesign, you name it. For examples of their work, check out their portfolio. You should also check their backstage, a company fotolog, and their sentetube, where they keep their videos.



This one is from my hometown, Coimbra. This design and multimedia studio has some pretty good work in webdesign, branding, illustration, just to name a few. I follow them mainly through their blog that is a almost daily inspiration source.



The last one, from Algarve, is also a marketing/branding/design company, but what I love the most is their webdesign. The sites they build have a very clean and simple design, but leaves a pretty good impression on the visitor. They also have a passion on mac’s and that will surprise everyone anytime soon!