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TwitterNotes: Mashup of the Day

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1196946569

Congratulations Sérgio!

TwitterNotes has won the Mashup of the Day award. It was judged by its Uniqueness, Creativity, User Experience, Utility and Content. Haven’t you tried yet?

Now a word about our sponsor. I wouldn’t normally do this, but since our sponsor is not some evil company, but rather a nice music project. You can visit the website, listen and download all the songs! Quite an interesting sponsor, hein?

Oh, and I found about Mashup Challenge a competition that encourages people to develop new web experiences using content APIs already around. Prizes range from Wii to iPod Touch, and 50% off in a Media Temple hosting account for life! Hurry up, since this ends 31 this month!