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24 hours of macbook

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1196812465

WTF is this ugly box?

Oh, there is a cute box after all!

So big ?! (yeah, I do find a 13’’ big, that’s why macbook pro was not an option)

Booting up :)

It had a nice presentation for those who aren’t familiar with computers, but I just wanted to skip it all to go and play with the new machine! After writing some stuff: “Where is the f*cking home? and end? and PgDn and PgUp?” Yeah, I see you all laughing, but I am a freaking new switcher! “Oh, so they skipped Delete too?” (I now find that it is a good choice. Read up to the end to learn why).

Okay, I have a brand new MacBook black with 2GB (I’m not stupid) and what do I do with it? GAMES! Ok, Chess is not really a game :( So I ended up setting up the machine to my taste. A cool wallpaper, 4 spaces (Thanks a lot, Mr. Guy-who-stuffed-this-into-Leopard), added schoolbus timetable to my dashboard ( Webclip just makes it soooo damn easy!), Applications folder as a stack and the 3d dock shrinked a bit.

Yeah, I named almost all the leopard features (No external HD, so no TimeMachine), but that’s what I noticed the most that was a lot better than windows. I am really amused by this experience. I understand a bit why old Mac Users don’t like Spaces that much. I believe I can use the Exposé in almost the same way as I use Spaces, but having those effects is a bit cooler.

Then it was the time to some external stuff: (no links, sorry. But you may use google as I did)

AdiumX – Google Talk + Jabber + MSN

CyberDuck – FTP client

DeskLikr – Change background from Flickr (Not working in Leopard, but it will sit there until update)

Eclipse – Not that I like Java :(

iGTD – I have to try this, but since there is no proper tool to sync with my Windows Mobile, I don’t expect much from it

InsomniaX – Avoids sleeping when closing my macbook

iWork08 – Will I change from Office to this?

LiquidMac and MacSaber – just for show off

Quinn – gotta have some game, right? Tetris is cool everyday.

Skitch – A web2.0 print screen tool? we’ll see…

Sync!Sync!Sync! – Great tool for backups (Also described ahead)

SyncMate – To sync with my HTC TyTN, but it is not working :( Waiting for newer version (Will try Missing Sync….)

Textmate – My favorite IDE second to Notepd++ (for now…)

Transmission – Torrent client

UnRarX – WinRaR for the Mac

VMWare Fusion – To run Windows on one Space.

It is pretty cool to have one space filled with a Windows Virtual Machine. I just love VMWare! And I also imported my desktop Ubuntu virtual machine too! Too bad that I cannot play TrackMania Nations on this Macbook :( But it will make me work more :)

I already had two problems using the mac. The first one was connecting to eduroam (university LAN). Leopard doesn’t support it and the Solution was to use Tiger’s application to connect to networks. This seems ridiculous (luckly a friend had Tiger near me) but it amazing that it worked!

The second problem (and this might be my fault) was that I wanted to sync daily some folders between the macbook and my desktop. Googled it, no easy solution. Twittered it, a lot of cygwin+rsync weird solutions (why use linux solutions between Windows and OS X?), and then decided to dive into the Mac World and launched Automator. Tried to download Sync Folders Action (0.9 and 1.0) and none of them worked. Luckily I found Sync!Sync!Sync in Apple’s website. It allows me to schedule backups, and it also had synchronization. Cool! I set all up, with some folders I wanted, and puff! I got all deleted. Seems like I don’t have the same definition of synchronization as everyone else! What I wanted was what they call “Both ways”. So what is sync after all? And I lost all my school work (only one was important) and some random stuff (some of them important). Lesson learned: Backup backups!

Anyway, it is now working and I am a proud macbook user. And I am waiting for some suggestions!

And for those who were lost like me:

Home: cmd+<
End: cmd+>

Delete: fn+<-