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Yet another day

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1173394014
Take off (or TOYS - Take Off Your Shirt, as Sérgio insists to call it) is going well with lot of interesting presentations. However I am having some trouble hosting in due to the support of my University Department. Nothing I can't handle.

Another topic: Free Software. I am having a few arguments about Free Software. I believe software should be paid. They say you should only pay for servides. Well, coding a software is a servide. And you also buy another products outside informatics. I dont quite understand... I like windows more than linux. I don't see the point why I should move to linux. Of course I dont pay for windows. It's too expensive for what it costs, but I like it. OSS people: If you want everyone to have Linux, try to pay crackers to stop hacking Vista. People will automaticly change.

To finish, I'm sad today-- Society is some f*cking shit! I dont agree with almost anything is done or thought. Maybe it's me.... maybe it's everyone.