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Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you the Android!

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1194914045

Usually I do not post about something that everyone is talking about, I usually wait until things settle down to make my point about it, but this time I couldn't resist.

First thing I noticed and you too probably, is that the Android, Google’s OpenSource Platform, offers the GUI, browser and maps pretty much like the iPhone. They probably have planned it, so that the AvantGarde of the Web2.0 and Gadgeteers spend their money on the iPhone, and months later the so rumored gPhone comes out with a look-alike OS, but running on every device. Of course it lacks multi-touch and Apple’s design, but you have the freedom of choosing any operator you like and also it’s an open platform.

Apple lost my (and for sure other’s) respect when they closed the iPhone for 3rd party applications. They basically killed the change for the iPhone to be REALLY used. Of course there is a SDK coming up on February (until then, I will be making my own applications on my Windows Mobile and now, Android…) and I won’t be surprised if it comes out that the iPhone runs Android applications (as they both are UNIX based (iPhone runs on MacOS and Android on Linux) and Android has support for a accelerometer… Oh, and both have a webkit based browser…

Google has made the right choice launching it: first to the developers so they are part of the final product and giving away $10M for the best ones! Nokia had a contest on this and Microsoft runs several small competitions for mobile applications and Apple… hmmm, nevermind. Although we don’t have real devices yet (like OpenMoko is selling), you have a pretty fine emulator (yes, I have tested it) that gives you a perfect idea of what it is with a real device. I look forward to test this and have it running on my Windows Mobile. Of course a lot of apps are lacking and I don’t know what will be shipping the official Google version, since they have it all in the web!