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MicroID - Small Decentralized Verifiable Identity

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1194814677

I’ve talked about OpenID, CardSpace, LiveID and now I now came across MicroID. It is not some single-sign-on service or a way of authenticating yourself, but a simple and tiny way of claiming some content.

It is a simple mechanism: you encrypt two URI ( usually your email address and the website of the service you’re using) and re-encrypt the concatenation of the two hashes. Then you display it as mailto+http:sha1:ca94387152e8ea62fee73c45c4bae79e54543485 and it’s ready to be claimed! Pretty hard? Well, you can always use the libraries available for Python, PHP, C#, Java and Perl.

This may sound a bit geeky and with no real life purpose, but in a world where social networks are popping up everyday, and you need some portability, this is pretty handy. One good example of the use of this technology is ClaimID, a online identity manager (openID enabled) that uses MicroID to check claims from the services you add to your profile, like Ma.gnolia,,,, and a lot more.