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TechEd 2007 Wrap-up

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1194704459

This last week was quite exciting! I didn’t have much time to post stuff as I wanted, most of the times it was from my TyTn, others from a borrowed-for-one-minute laptop. I also haven’t included photos so the posts might be hard to read, but if you are interested, you can check Flickr or PicasaWeb. This post contains my impressions and conclusions of this week that was pretty remarkable.

About the city


Barcelona is a pretty nice city, with a lot of monuments, especially Gaudi’s art and lots of gardens. Metros every 3 minutes and Starbucks every corner astonished me! There was also a great cultural variety and that special people at Ramblas.

About the guys


They were amazing company (excluding the fact they didn’t want me to return—) and pretty interesting folks! There was the goodies girl, the always-on-the-pc geek, the pervert , the Responsible guy and the girly socks fetishist.

About the event


Microsoft did in fact organized a pretty good event! No logistic problems, there was a lot of sessions at the same time, so I always went to those I like the most and in every slot, a HTC touch was offered. Too bad I wasn’t one of the lucky ones!

The presentations were pretty good and they were managing them according to our feedback. They did thought about the “users”! They also brought independent speakers (from dev, blogging and communities). They didn’t brought from the competition, but thinking again, it wouldn’t be such a good idea, as I have experienced.

About Microsoft


From TechEd I notice that Microsoft is really improving and upgrading into this Web2.0 age. Open APIs for live services! Popfly’s mashups for everyone! REST, MVC pattern, ActiveRecord, History support for AJAX and a bunch of things that developers want to use. They are also worried about Firefox and Safari support!

From what I learned from the experts they are also starting to worry about non-office end users (I might write about this soon) and worried about the experience they are giving the user.

About the After Event


One of the highlights of the event for me was the two nights we went out. The first one with all the MSPs from the EMEA and with some speakers and Microsoft staff. We went bowling and as we didn’t care too much about it, we learned a lot about other countries with each others. The second night was with all the Portugueses there and I met very interesting people and even from Coimbra!

I really want to thank Microsoft for giving us this opportunity to improve both technical and personal experience. There aren’t that many companies offering this trips!