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Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1193841381

With this popular stuff called blogs, new posts are coming up every millisecond and one post gives birth to another and by the end of the day you got a post about another post that comments yet another post that cites someone else in the blogosphere.

To connect this dots there were created linkbacks that is basically a way of telling a post his has a new child. That I know of there are 3 kinds of linkbacks: Trackback, Pingback and Refback.

Pingback and Trackback are both notifications systems where the linking post tells the linked one “Hey, I am you son!” and Pingback is more secure because he does the DNA exam to be sure (he scans the linking post to see if it really has the link) so that prevents spam, a real issue with Trackback.

As for Refback, it is the black sheep of the family since what he does is record the people who visit your posts and then guesses that they came from a post. They have to be really smart to do this, but generally they are worst than track or pingback, but don’t need some implementation of some awkward protocol.

While people who use Wordpress, Blogger, Movable Type and so on don’t need to worry about this since the software already has that installed, some really weird people that code their own weblog system (I’m referring to myself!) have to learn this stuff and if they want to notify people who they link to, they have to code it themselves.

So last night I did it! And now every time I post, I send both trackbacks and pingbacks to every link in the post, just to be sure. In order to accomplish this, I used Matt Croydon’s Trackback Library and Mathieu Fenniak’s Pingback library both in Python with some custom modifications by me to be more an automated process.

Now I can find the fathers of my posts, but I don’t know who my children are… I already started recording the referers, but from what I can see it’s kinda messy and I will probably implement pingbacks in a near future.