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I kicked Scott Adams in his nuts!

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1193827075

Yes, that’s true! I kicked Scott Adams himself in his nuts! Repeatedly! Read more for (disgusting) details.


For those of you who live in some other dimension, Scott is the author of the famous Dilbert Comic (which btw I subscribe). He is now selling his latest book: Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain! that is not, as you may think, yet another compilation of Dilbert’s strips, but rather a collection of his best posts in his blog where he makes funny comments on what happens in the world of business (among some other random stuff).

To promote his new book, apart from the traditional book-signing, Scott decided to do a Q&A at Second Life. Last night as I was awake at the time and had SL installed, why not? I teleported myself and I found right in from of me Scott’s avatar (that he made from pictures of himself). The session was quite nice with some interesting questions (like Which is more dangerous: dilbert with a machine gun, dogbert with a garrote, or catbert with a “request denied” rubber stamp?) and trivia about the comic and animated series. And guess what? A movie is coming up!!!

If you are interested, you can read the transcript.

In the end there was a session where you could go up on stage and kick Scott around. I tried some stuff like punching, slapping, but what I found most interesting was kicking him in his FamilyJewels, so I did it over 5 times in a row! Thanks Mr Adams for that pleasure!

I liked the session pretty much (disregarding the fact that I was almost sleeping in from of the pc)! Not that I prefer this kind of presentations more than I like RL‘s but if it’s impossible to be there, SL is good enough. And it can provide some amusement IRC couldn’t do!