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Skype Phone

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1193784278

The 3 carrier has announced the SkypePhone, a 3G mobile phone that comes already with a integrated skype client. And calls between Skype users are free! And it really means free since “3 won’t charge you for the data access for VOIP calls”! You can read more on this on Dale Lane’s blog.

I know you can already have skype on your phone, but for most of end-users it is simpler to buy a phone where it already comes installed and configured.

After the removal of VOIP service on the N95, I believe operators are taking the right path towards the ubiquitous web. They shouldn’t block alternatives like VOIP, they should encourage them and increase the value of their natural services.

I hope to see Skype launching the phone all around Europe including Portugal where I know a lot of people that would buy it the first minute it comes out. And seems like the battle for the mobile market has begun. First the iPhone, now the SkypePhone and in the next two weeks Google Phone!