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Alcides in Wonderland of Second Life

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1193355905

When I knew about Second Life I was very interested in the subject, but since I learned about its limits and way of working, I lost interest and thought it was uninteresting. But as I don’t criticize something I don’t know, I decided to download the “game”, create a avatar and give it a try.

So I’m logged in. A pretty hardcore guy. After some appearance hacks and no real effect, I was flying around the tutorial island… After some seconds I was driving around my Segway over some rats. That was exciting! for only 1 minute… It was time to do something productive.

Teleported myself to the SAPO island where I caught the end of Gwyneth Llewelyn presentation on LSL coding. Pretty boring for the newbie there that went for a superman flight inside and around the building. God, I missed Lois Lane’s hand on mine.

That takes me to the next obvious step: SEX! I read about sex on SL and I wanted to give it a try. Searched for “sex” in mature places, a few teleports until I found some nice place and wandered around trying to convince girls to have sex with me. No luck at all, maybe next time. But I saw how the thing worked: Some animation balls where you could assume some position (with movement) and if the other person assumes the position next to yours, you’re having sex with him or her. Not creative at all and so I’m not as interested in trying as I was.


Finally I chatted a bit with the sexy girl on the picture, Cali Zimminy, that was pretty interesting and told me that what kept her coming to SL was the friends she met there. In fact, I see it more as a 3D IRC than a game. I found the 3d art pretty weak comparing to games I am used to play. I don’t see much interested in the content there is and honestly I rather have some old-school chat through MSN or Jabber than using Second Life. But once in a while I may want to do something more exquisite and then I will teleport myself to my Second Life.