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The Sword and Laser

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1192623649

I am a avid reader, before I fall asleep, I always read a bit unless I really like the book and then I read it all in a row. No they aren’t computer-related books, they’re mostly fantasy books but once in a while I take a look around one off-theme. Tolkien, Julliet Marillier, Homero make my evenings worth it!

Some time ago, Veronica suggested in Pownce to create a fantasy & sci-fi book club. I just loved the and idea, and more the fact that people are using this services to create this kind o connections on shared interests. Even the name was decided on Pownce!

Today the first book was released for discussion in the official blog but the discussion is happening on its Ning Social Network.

If you are a fan of Fantasy or Sci-fi books, why don’t you join us?