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Teaching how to code in schools...

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1192315752

Over the years Microsoft has done this great marketing that makes (almost) everyone to use their tools, mainly because (almost) all computers ship with Windows pre-installed (Assismática is starting to sell computers with Ubuntu in Portugal) and “simple users” do not know any other alternative.

In this context, I support actions that take opensource (or not) alternatives to some places, like schools (PT) that show people that there are some free (and open) alternatives too. Although I think some Microsoft software is better, I believe each user should make their own decision and to do that, they should know all options. About this, Tecnonov is having its second edition this year and it will be a nice event to show people other options.

A few days ago I saw another perspective to solve this problem: Tom Morris thinks that teaching people how to code they will value more OpenSource alternatives and also help them in their own life with structure thinking. Well I had this idea that management student should learn relational databases since that really helps them organizing stuff. I am happy that someone thought something similar, but taking it farther to programming itself. And he mentions Python, Ruby or other dynamic language to be chosen.

I’m not sure how possible this is, but I’m sure some it would help some people. Any thoughts on this one?