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GIMP UI Redesign

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1191936295

I’ve always been a great fan of Fireworks because of its simplicity. Adobe Photoshop is a lot more powerful, but it is a bit less intuitive. I’ve also tried GIMP, but I have given up just for the interface I just don’t like. It remembers me of the old Photoshop style with a lot of windows. It is just not easy for me to work with it, and I’m glad GIMP team noticed this and they are brainstorming for the new UI.

In my opinion they should implement the MX style, one window with all the stuff. Canvas in the middle and optional toolbars on the side. As a webdesigner, I want to take full advantage of my screen-resolution, so if possible, I’d like the toolbars to auto-hide so I can see my project in 1:1 zoom. For old-school GIMP users, making the toolbox to float around too would be a nice thing.

Another good thing that I would be nice to see is a nice integration with webdesigning tools like bluefish, ajunta, eclipse, etc

Well this are just my basic ideas, and probably I will send an email to gimp.brainstorm at with “GIMP” as subject and an imaging showing my ideal graphic tool. If you do have nice thoughts on this, feel free to contribute too. Good ideas will be posted on the brainstorming blog. Opensource UI design :)