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OpenID relaunched!

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1191915538

One of the things we most criticize in OpenID in Fred's Barcamp Presentation was the fact that the official website was too heavy in information, and not very attractive for non-techies. Kventon (well spelled!) and David Recordon did an awesome job revamping the website.

It not also makes OpenID pretty, as also makes people want to use them and make services implement it (or so I hope!). In my opinion it’s a great step to bring OpenID to the regular internet user. There is only one thing missing in my opinion: multi-language. If I want to make a OpenID powered service here in Portugal, no way everyone would go and read the website if it is in English. OpenID guys, with France Telecom and soon other international companies adopting OpenID, please think about translating the website. I would gladly help in the Portuguese one :)