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Universities: Join the Web2.0!

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1191769675

Universities are know for their scientific researching and for being the firsts to touch the future. Unfortunately, I don’t see this much in Portugal. In spite of many universities are adopting Moodle, just because they need to do remote teaching, not because they are getting into the true e-Learning, where just like in web2.0, the process is focused in the user (student in this case). It’s also one of the Bolonha Process main pedagogic ideas. This is pretty far from happening, at least in my university.

Simple things like blogs about some subject in some course would make students more interested and make them learn more about it. Social networks would also be very interesting gathering students from all over the world focusing on some specific subject. Reading Four Starters blog I found out a pretty cool idea: “you could use your student card to get discount at a cinema, an OpenID from your university would show that you are a student.” And maybe login into that universities social network.

Some time ago, Sérgio, Fábio and I had this project to make this social network for our department including AJAX webmail and feed reader (we don’t have such) and also get users to exchange interests and ideas. Unfortunately they weren’t very convinced with our project and we let it go. They don’t see the advantages in the new web…