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Adobe \"Thermo\" - a new IDE for designers

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1191356776

Adobe is betting real hard on RIAs now. After Flex and AIR, they are getting “Thermo” ready. Thermo is a “rich internet application design tool”. It’s kind of a Flex, but for designers. It’s pretty much graphical based (so that designers don’t need to code one single line) and integrates perfectly with Photoshop, Fireworks and the rest of the CS3. This might be a enormous advantage for Thermo to be chosen instead of Microsoft Expression Web.


But if you’re thinking it’s a designer-only tool, you’re wrong! Thermo’s code-view is actually the full Flex Builder application, so programmers can have fun with this tool almost as much as designers.

You can read more about Thermo in Read/Write Web.

Being a big fan of graphical designing of applications, like Visual Basic and so, I can’t wait to try this new IDE. I don’t quite like using Flash, but I believe gorgeous applications will come out from this in no time!