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Exposé on Linux

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1191174713

Mac is that awesome thing when it comes to usability. For those with a lot of windows opened, exposé comes very handy!

This semester I am attending OS, and therefore I must work on Linux environment. I can’t get ubuntu to work with my graphic board so that I can reach 1280×1024 (and in my 19’’ screen less than that sucks!), so I installed VMware Player and Ubuntu 7.04 and guess what? works pretty fine with 1280 :O

Back to this post’s subject, I managed to easily have an exposé working on the linux environment. Just

sudo apt-get install skippy
and then add it to the starting programs, and that’s it :) Press F11 and then use your cursor or arrow keys. Pretty simple hein? I wish all the software was this simple on Linux…