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Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1172344358
Today I started a little project of mine: A simple RSS aggregator. It is wanted to have a tray icon that twinks when new feeds arrive, and has a firefox-like menu that allows me to see the headers and click in them to go to the given link. It already loads and saves OPML and Reads the RSS itself.

Although everyone says that is a language for n00bs (and I kinda agree), I like and use it due to it's Ultra-RAD hability. I dont want to spend much time in this nor make a perfect, amazing and big application. So VS allows me to create the controls and forms that would take too much time with WX. The language is also simple and I am used to it.

Hope to give news about this soon.

Another thing I am into is making my own tagging system (as digg) and include it in my website. And maybe adding a Firefox/Flock (yes, I'm using Flock now) to easy add any site.

Yet another thing I am planning is to set up a event like BarCamp or Tecnonov more directed to the web. If you have any Idea, just comment here, or contact me.