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Flickr Coverflow

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1190131274

Apple did had a great vision buying Coverflow from SteelSkies. It is impressive and very user-friendly for managing images. Now imagine this for Flickr Images! Here you go… “Wooow…” you say.

Well I had this idea a while ago and I tried to do it with Javascript. I used my favorite JS library Prototype and as I don’t have much free time, I used Reflex.js for the coverflow effect.

I then wrote a simple Python cgi file to fetch the images from you flickr account and a javascript file to go through them. Nothing special. You might want to check out the final result.

Well, I believe this can be improvable, maybe making it easy to access other photos than yours (if you know the API is pretty simple) and add more than 3 photos (reflex.js limitation) so we can experience full effect (this might be a little more complex). I am also using the thumbnails from flickr because I want them to be fixe-size square, but using Python ou PHP+GD, we could make it work using larger images.

If you feel like working on this, talk to me and feel free to use the source code for any purpose.