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Twitter Notes

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1189975076

In a world where GTD matters to everyone, Sérgio came up with an idea: Why wouldn’t we use twitter to record some notes? Since you have twitter in almost every platform (mobile phone, PDA, desktop (windows,mac,linux), web, you name it!) it is a good way of posting messages from anywhere and use the API to organize them.

That’s what he did the last week. Started a Rails project, added Twitter4r and a bunch of pluggins and coded a bit lot. As for me, I just made the design and artwork. The layout was based on twitter’s since twitternotes users are used to it.

So, go ahead to and login. Then use your favorite twitter client and post something like + i have to tell everyone about twitternotes and that’s it! And you will even tag that message with “twitternotes”. Simpler is impossible!