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Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1189248474

Context-driven advertising is becoming widely popular, proved by the Adsense’s success. Two days ago, while talking to Tiago Serra about how to get money from google maps mashups, I thought about a advertising system, just like Adsense, but georeferenced. Publishers would charge their GeoAds account with credits and then add their ads to the system with their coordinates. Mashup owners would add a little code to their website (compatible with GoogleMaps, LiveEarth and YahooMaps) and from then on, all the ads would be seen in their application. And for each user click, the credit changes from the advertiser to the publisher (can be traded later for real world money).

But this system will only work fine if adopted by a large number of online geo-based services in order to show advertisers this is really a good way of publicize businesses just like local outdoors. So if you own a GeoMashup, feel free to contact me and share some ideas about GeoAdvertising.