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Brazil fights Piracy the right way!

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1189125287

Everybody knows how Brazil government is adopting opensource software and, once again, they do the thing the right way. Instead of filling stuff with DRM (PT) or by threating trackers, they are investing on the education. I came across this post where they are offering about 560 euros for the winner of a contest of flash presentations, article, photograph, TV ad, etc in order to appeal for people’s conscience.

I think this is the way of fighting piracy. People should be taught since their kids in school and at home what’s right and what’s wrong. If I don’t steal something from a shop, why should I steal someone’s music or video or book? It’s a product just like some shoes or mp3 player that you couldn’t possibly think of stealing. Not because you can’t (I believe stealing is pretty easy this days) but because it’s not accepted.

Think again if you are downloading this mp3 music. You’ll probably like it, and you want the artist to compose more for sure. If you don’t pay him, he won’t make a living out of music and probably stop publishing his music. So go to a music store (even if online) and buy it, just like you’d buy some piece of clothe. And what about going to see that movie to cinema? or even renting it to see at home with friends? Not that expensive, and will provide you the same or even better experience.